5 July 2007

7: Thanks

We have to mention all the people who supported our effort, it just wouldn't be right not to, and there were quite a few....so here goes.

To our fantastic backup team on the day we say this....we really would have struggled without your help. So, Tracy..Jan..Kim..Debbie..Becky..Millie..Charlie and Kirsty, a massive thanks to you all from Team Aldi. Thanks for hanging around in the rain waiting for us, and thanks for all the lovely food and drink...and, of course, for your total support and belief in us...we all appreciate it more than you realise.

To family members who came to cheer us on in the rain..Dennis..Beryl..Becks..Kelly..Jack and Dan, it was great to see you all when we needed it most....and to Brian, who turned out to cheer us on through Apperley Bridge in the gloom....you've all got no idea how much you lifted our spirits.

To Brendan, thanks for getting up in the middle of the night to take us to Liverpool and then drive the van back home...you were a star.

We want to thank all the people who showed their generosity by sponsoring us for the ride...thanks everyone, the money is going to a great cause....

We'd also like to thank Peter Robinson for producing his fine website, Towpath Treks, as we've mentioned before it was a huge help to us.

Sutty..Sean..Jamie..Stuart..Norrie..Shane..and me...Team Aldi..."When the going gets tough, the tough get going"....that's true team spirit !!...well done, boys.


Sue A said...

Thanks to you all for choosing "The Hospice at Home" for your charity. This organisation was wonderful in the help they gave us when Kelly's dad was so ill. So on behalf of Kelly and her family I would like to congratulate you all on such a superb effort.
Sue A

Mick Mcgann said...

Many thanks to team aldi for this website. I plan to do this in june09 with my pals (they dont know yet!).

Anonymous said...

Did this in a day 2010 - tough challnge you guys did well - and your website helped me too! many thanks

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